Are you in search of ways to cost-effectively achieve the needed PH balancing in your body on a daily basis? Do you want to have Alkaline water under sink using filter cartridge replacements for Alkaline mineralization? Or are you out of your current one and want a Reverse osmosis drinking water filter cartridge replacement? The answer to your struggles is Natural Mineral Increasing PH+ Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge Replacement 10-inch Inline by Water Filter Tec!.

▶Ultimate 5-in-1 Alkaline mineralization
Water Filter Tech uses all natural 5-in-1 blend of ionically activated stones to convert drinking water to good alkaline water:

– Alkaline Calcite
Boasts higher pH level than regular drinking water.

– Bio Ceramic
Based on Far-infrared rays which causes resonance with water molecules – the bioceramic ionizes and activates water molecules in your cells and blood thus improving your blood circulation and health condition.

– Tourmaline
The tourmaline stones release 0.06mA bioelectricity in the water and generate negative ions, electrolyze water and narrow the molecular beams. This precious gemstone allows for numerous benefits including detoxification, liver and kidney support, toxic metal elimination and reducing the lactic acids.

– Mineral Stone
The mineral stones aid to activation of water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition.

– ORP Ball
The ORP balls further cleanse the water and boost the immunity system. The balls reduce water Oxidant Reduction Potential which helps to maintain the healthy human cells and boost metabolism

In short: the 5-in-1 alkaline mineralization gives you an all-round healthy boost on a daily basis